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Spitz Caramelo

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0.00000001 BTC
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2021-11-26 00:00:00
Starting time:

2022-02-24 00:00:00
End Time:

  • Tier 1: Invite your friends and get 2% Bonus in spitz
  • Tier 2: Invite your friends and get 1.5% Bonus in spitz
  • Tier 3: Invite your friends and get 1% Bonus in spitz

About ICO

Maximum Supply: 900000000
Description: Private Token in Homage to the mascot of Luxtrade.Exchange, our pet dog of the German Dwarf Spitz breed affectionately called "Caramelo". Maximum amount 900 million, Pre sales released only for registered customers in our exchange. ICO Steps: 3 steps that are.
1st Stage: duration 90 days freed pre-sale of 300000000 at the minimum price of 0.00000001 Btc.
2nd Stage: duration 45 days freed the second Pre-Sale of 200000000 at the minimum price of 0.00000002 Btc.
3rd Stage: duration of 30 days freed the third Pre-Sale of 100000000 at the minimum price of 0.00000003 Btc. Distribution of revenues collected from pre-sales will be: 30% will be for investment in our exchange, 30% will be for Liquidity Pool where we will open purchase orders on market pairs, 40% reserve fund for future investments with the token " Spitz Caramelo". after 3 steps the token will be listed on all market pairs in our exchange. will be listed in the Mining Pool and will be listed in the investment box after starting presales. Distribution of the total supply: 600 million for the 3 pre-sales stages, 100 million to pay the rewards of the Mining Pool and investment box, 100 million for distribution with pre-sales referral rewards, 100 million for the investment fund reserve the token itself. totaling the maximum supply of the "Spitz Caramelo" project of 900 million.